Hakka – A form of Indo-Chinese Cuisine

Hakka food is a mashup of Indian & Chinese food that dominates the Restaurant niche in India. For over a century, Indians have been mad over Hakka food, so much that it has become one of the authentic food cuisines in India.

1. Chinese

Chinese cuisine has been one of the most widespread gastronomies in Asia that now reflects in Indian cuisines. Chinese food includes a dominating savoury, tangy soy-based taste with chilli oil, rice, and noodles. Over a course of time, Indians began to implement Chinese seasoning techniques in their food which you can experience at The Curry Palace with its best Hakka in Ottawa.

2. Hakka Food

Hakka food is a combination of Indian and Chinese food, most commonly known as Indo-Chinese food. In this form of cuisine, deep-fried meat, and paneer are bathed in a fusion of Indian spices and, sweet and sour Chinese sauces. At The Curry Palace, a bunch of Indian vegetables are used in a heavy amount of piquant sauces in a wok with noodles or rice that gives a flavourful experience in every bite making it the best Indian restaurant in Ottawa.

3. Hakka Chinese Manchurian

The Curry Palace has the best Indo-Chinese food in Ottawa with the Manchurian is one of its most ordered food items. “Manchurian” is an Indian term for fried veggies or meat. It tastes spicy with a tinge of sweet and savoury flavour blended well in chicken. The Curry Palace offers to enjoy the Manchurian in several customs of which some include in the form of noodles, rice, vegetables, and paneer.

4. Best Indian-Style Food

The Curry Palace is one of the finest Indian restaurants in Ottawa. Apart from Hakka, it has some of the most authentic Indian Curries in Ottawa reflecting the taste of India in the Capital. For the most part, if you are looking to try one of the famous Indian butter chickens in Ottawa, The Curry Palace is the best place you could ask for. For they use some of the pure Indian spices in their food which are so strong in their flavours. Every curry you try at The Curry Palace is going to boggle your mind as all the curries are prepared fresh and attain a different recipe of spices, flavours, and taste making it the best restaurant to try Indian Curries in Ottawa.

The Curry Palace has an amazing staff that will always be delighted to give you sample dishes to try on first before ordering.

They also host Indian catering services in Ottawa at all kinds of events from as big as a conference to a small birthday party. The Curry Palace is always there for you to try the best Indian Food in Ottawa.

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