Indian Catering in Ottawa

The Curry Palace is one of the finest Indian serving restaurants when it comes to providing food service at a location easy to reach for everyone. Starting with a variety of curries and some of the best Indo-Chinese food, The Curry Palace has the best catering service in Ottawa.


For Appetizers, Ottawa’s best serving Indian Restaurant – The Curry Palace presents:


Spring rolls & momos



The Curry Palace has the best Spring Rolls which are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with its exotic fillings of veggies in the form of Indian Chowmein.


Momos are soft dumplings that are prepared in two different forms:


Fried and steamed


These contain finely chopped vegetables with steamed paneer or cottage cheese. These come in varieties of forms like:

· Veg Momos.

· Paneer Momos.

· Chicken Momos.

· Chicken Manchurian Momos.

· Paneer Manchurian Momos


The Curry Palace offers a variety of food services for several occasions starting with birthdays, anniversaries, bridal/baby showers, any and every event, The Curry Palace is always what you can count on!

They prepare some of the Best Indian Curries in Ottawa that vary in their level of spice, flavour, and texture. Some of its special curries are:


Butter Chicken:

A full-flavoured Butter chicken is the best butter chicken in Ottawa. With the softest chicken in a gravy of tomatoes, onions, and Indian spices with a creamy texture you will adore it to its fullest.



Karahi Chicken:

An authentic North-Indian dish with a luscious combination of creamy and spicy gravy.



Paneer Makhani:

A rich creamy dish that has pieces of seared paneer tossed in a gravy of tomatoes and a bunch of spices. The

Curry Palace has the highest amount and the Best Vegetarian Indian Curries in Ottawa to offer.


Dal Makhani:

“Daal” is an Indian term for lentils which is a Punjabi recipe coming from the cold winters of the North. It is slightly spicy on taste which makes it the best winter dish and the best Indian food for you to relish!



Matar Paneer:

This is a dish that has gravy on a touch-base of tangy flavour with Matar being green peas and Paneer being cottage cheese. Hosting a party of 10? Get the best Indian Catering in Ottawa from the best – The Curry Palace.


Vegetable Korma:

Ah! For the veggies on the table. This is one of the most exotic curries as it contains a spicy and juicy curry with cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and other vegetables making a perfect lunch to go with chappati.


And many more. All of these curries vary in their taste and flavour, and you will enjoy every bit of it.


Along with these curries goes best the in-house hand-made garlic stuffed naan. They also provide the option to choose between chappati (Whole wheat bread), butter naan and garlic naan.


Chefs at The Curry Palace specially craft the Indian dishes in such a way that they reflect the Indian culture in its food with authentic use of spices and flavours in its food. This makes the Curry Palace the best Indian Catering in Ottawa with some of the finest Indian Curries.


There are several restaurants in the city but food like that of The Curry Palace is nowhere to be found in Ottawa.


New store hours are: 

Monday to Saturday 1:00 PM – 1:00 AM

Sunday 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Catering Services and Online Ordering, Call on (613)-231-3333 / (613)-413-1699

To make a reservation, simply email us at anytime between 1 PM – 1 AM, Mondays to saturdays &
1 PM – 9 PM on Sundays

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