Looking for the Best Butter Chicken Near Me?

Butter Chicken is amongst the most traditional and delicious chicken curries to come from the Indian subcontinent. It faithfully reproduces India’s stunning flavour right in the city of Ottawa at The Curry Palace.

This meal pairs well with Naan because of its spicy and sour flavour. With just one mouthful taste of this dish, you shall be transported to the realm of the exotic land of Indian spices. The name “Butter Chicken” says it all; the dish’s creamy flavour is more than enough to make anyone fall in love with it. We promise, once you try this dish, there is no regret. At The Curry Palace, you will find the best butter chicken in Ottawa, at all times made fresh right on order.

All you need to make your lunch even more delicious and make your stomach smile is a great dish created from juicy chicken, cooked in a tasty rich tomato sauce, and perfectly adorned with those delicious spices. With onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, and fresh ground spices, butter chicken forms one of the most tasty and scrumptious dishes. This meal is easy to prepare and is one of the most popular chicken curries in India and The Curry Palace offers one of the best Butter Chicken in Ottawa.

Butter Chicken consists of gravy that is thick and butter in flavour with spices that activate your taste buds to their fullest. The chicken used is fresh and so juicy with spices inhabiting in its every bite. With this curry, we have for you garlic naan which is an Indian bread that goes hand-in-hand with the best butter chicken in Ottawa. The taste of butter only adds to the pleasure of the tastes. The ingredients used in this delicious and authentic Indian cuisine are the freshly ground masalas that are used in all of the best Indian curries in Ottawa. However, it is the combination of these masalas or pieces that gives every curry its special aroma and taste.

You can prepare this curry in 2 forms: either using chicken with bones or a chicken that is boneless. We prepare the boneless curry as the spices in the curry blend in really fine with the flesh and tastes divine! Red chilli and fennel seeds are very important in the preparation of an Indian Chicken Curry. Onions and bell peppers are also added by choice but are not requisite. Though but it does add a nice flavour to the dish. It is all about art and a perspective towards taste and flavours when it comes to cooking the Best Indian food. Let’s check out the culinary adventure from the kitchen to the plate. Chicken chunks are seasoned in spicy ginger garlic paste and later sauteed with large portions of onions and green peppers in a spicy, rich, and silky tomato sauce to make the best Butter Chicken in Ottawa.

Every Indian Restaurant has its own way of preparing Indian Curries in Ottawa.

At The Curry Palace, we stick to the traditional Indian method of cooking that lies in grounding the Indian spices into a fine powder which mixes in the gravy and meat pieces. When we marinate our protein, may it be meat or paneer, we often add yogurt to enable the spices and the protein to dwell in and give a savoury taste on every bite of the meat or paneer. After so, we add this marinated protein to the spicy curry prepared separately. After a well 15 minutes of cooking the gravy with the meat, we add a splash of crème to give the curry a smooth texture and to top it off, we add finely chopped fresh coriander and/or parsley.

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