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Momos is the largest spread street food in the Continent of Asia. These are soft-shelled dough stuffed with meat and vegetable fillings along with a side serving of red chilli paste. The Curry Palace has been serving different styles of momos and of course the best momos in Ottawa with different fillings and different combinations of spices which allows you to experience a unique flavour. These momos are prepared in two different styles – Steamed and Fried. Both these styles of momos taste fantastic! They are served with a spicy red sauce that is created of tomatoes, garlic, ginger, dried chillies, and oil, all of which are mixed and mashed together. When you search for vegetable momos near me, it is rare to find as these are one special kind of momos that are extremely healthy as they have all kinds of vegetables. The Curry Palace takes fresh vegetables and finely chop them into momo fillings. We use cabbage, mushroom, paneer, potatoes, and spinach for the vegetarian option, along with plenty of onions, cheese, butter, or oil, and, of course, salt to taste. You might find several restaurants selling “momos near me” however, to a large extent, the quality of the momo depends on how it is prepared, as well as with the use of fresh ingredients and high-quality flour, for example, you may be sure to get a tasty momo but it is right after they are baked, the dough reflects the taste of it. There are several ways of preparing the dough of the momos. Some people use warm water when kneading the dough. Another factor that plays an important role is the stuffing. Well, for the stuffing itself, whether it’s made of meat or vegetables, it should be chopped or minced nicely and well seasoned. The Curry Palace is the best Indian food restaurant in Ottawa that has rewarded umpteen Indians in the city to experience the Indian culture in Ottawa. With its Indian catering service, they have been able to reach thousands of hearts of Indian food lovers!

Spring rolls:

When it comes to Spring Rolls, nothing compares to homemade ones! The Curry Palace has one of the best homemade spring rolls in Ottawa. They are prepared fresh with fresh dill and fresh veggies. The vegetables are finely chopped and garnished with a bunch of spices before wrapping them in a thin dough, this gives the roll a sour taste on the inside and a nice crispy covering on the outside. When it comes to what goes into Spring Rolls, there are no hard rules. It’s more common, though, to find a mixture of vegetables finely chopped or shredded, with seasoning. However, The Curry Palace has it made with Indian Chowmein which is a stuffing of Indo-Chinese noodles along with the veggies and a side of spicy, red in-house sauce! This light-felt spring roll dish is a true match to go with coffee or Indian chai (Tea).

The Curry Palace has an inherent trait of reflecting Indian culture and Indian palate in all its food. May it be Hakka, best butter chicken or any Indian Curries in Ottawa, Biryani, Naan bread everything has a ton of Indian flavour in it!

For some of the best Indian food, The Curry Palace has the best Indian curries in Ottawa to offer!

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